The nursery and their freaking rules!!!

I’m pissed with my nursery again! The nursery where I take my daughter since she was 9 months old I mean!
Why are their rules so freaking stupid?
I will tell you why I’m saying this.
The nursery starts at 8am and finishes at 6pm. I pay the nursery for my daughter from 8 to 6 too!
However I am not able to drop my daughter before 8.00. Well let me explain…the door is locked until 8. I can only go in from 8 and it’s a nightmare then because their like a queue of people and children waiting at the door to drop their kids. So I actually leave the nursery at 8.15. By then I’m already late for work of course as I am suppose to start work at 9am! I start half an hour earlier than everybody else to be able to leave at 5pm from work. I only have half an hour break – again half an hour less than anybody else in the company. But that doesn’t bother me!
What bothers me is something else!
Roughly it takes me around 45-60 min to commute in and out from work. So if I leave work at 5pm then I should be at nursery by 6pm. But sometimes this just doesn’t work! You know how unreliable underground can be especially in rush hour! So….if I’m really late then my husband has to leave work early to pick boogie up or I will just be late. But hear this: if you are late, after they charge you with 5£ for every 10 min. So i say how dare they? They expect the parents to pick their children between 5.30-6 pm.
Because of this the days when I have to pick my daughter from nursery the half an hour lunch break is scrapped and I leave work at 4.30 pm. I mean I’m lucky as I’ve been working for the same company for the last 5 years and they know me very well.
As my daughter start nursery at 9 months old, my struggle with the rules of the nursery is not new at all but I think now I’m fed up! For the past two years I’ve been in a rush! Argh!!!

So then I ask – Are all the nurseries out there the same? Or is it just mine that’s so unreliable? Is it me that doesn’t understand the rules? Or maybe my work schedule should be more flexible? Who’s fault is it here? Maybe it’s mine! Maybe I should just be a stay at home mum??
Please tell me if you have a nursery that is the same! Please tell me that you have to do the same as me! Please tell me that you have to rush like me! Maybe like this I will not feel so….ALONE!

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  • MrsB @ crankymonkeys in london

    I would be pissed off as well 🙂 I think my older son’s nursery had the same rules and the same issue of the door being closed until 8. I never had to rush to work though so it was ok. They did have the late fee as well, but I can’t remember how much for 10 minutes…

    I think nurseries really should accomodate working parents a bit better. Would they waive the fee if you called them from our way saying you had train troubles and would be late? They could at least do that!

    All in all – England isn’t made for mothers who work!

    • Romanianmum

      Yes they do. But i am never late more than like 5 minutes. Thing is they consider late even when you are there at like 5 to 8! I wonder if i should complain! But it is true England is not for working mothers. 🙁

  • Offcumden

    This is one of the reasons my children went to a childminder and not the nursery. She is far more flexible. Next Friday they are staying from 8am – 8pm because I have an exam and my husband is away. Having said that, the nursery they would have gone to is very flexible because it’s where I work, in hospital, so it has to be open longer to fit around nurse’s hours.

    I’d be annoyed if I were you. Having lived in London for 5 years I know how frustrating commuting can be.

  • ClaireEJ

    Our nursery is also open 8am-6pm. I’m lucky I work from home and can be flexible (although I still end up rushing to get there before 6pm some days!) I think it’s fair enough that they don’t open before 8am, as they would have to pay additional wages and other costs perhaps only for one or two children, but I do think the extra £5 for every 10 minutes is a bit excessive! I don’t actually know what our nursery would do if parents were late. I think if it was a one-off they would be fine, but if it turned into a regular occurrence they wouldn’t be happy. I understand how you feel, but I think it’s important to remember that the nursery staff have their set working hours too, and they possibly have children of their own that they need to pick up or get home to. However, I can tell you that I do rush like you – and I can’t blame London Underground! 😉

    • Romanianmum

      I know and I understand the staff at the nursery in a way…they have set hours and tell ou the truth the ones that have kids start after 9. I know them quite well right now so I know which of them has kids and which doesn’t. Hm…hopefully I’m not sounding to picky now. What I’m saying really is that I wish they were a bit more flexible and maybe have two shifts of staff…I don’t know…

  • @littleboo_21

    My nursery is only open 8.30-5.30 (stupid times but don’t get me started). The first 10mins late are free if you call them to say you are running late but £15 for every ten minutes after that as two members of staff have to stay with the child.

    • Romanianmum

      Wow! I couldn’t work if my nursery had these hours. There is a nursery down the road with a 7.30-6.30 is slightly more expensive than ours but I’m in doubt. Boogie really loves her nursery and she has friends there so for now I will have to compromise,.. Do do you work part time?

  • keynko

    I think you have to accept the nursery owner is in business to make money and as much profit as he can. They are generally not children centred and don’t really care about your travel problems or your work hours. All they are concerneed about is keeping there costs to a minimum and their takings as high as they can. Whilst I wouldn’t want to concern you, as a parent I would consider whether that place is right for your child. If they are that business focused, are they children focused? I am a firm believer in the childminder route. More flexibility, more personal care – for you and Boogie – and a home environment not an institution where her needs are uppermost not profit and loss sheets! I hope you get it sorted and without stress to you and the little one!!

    • Romanianmum

      Yes i am trying to understand everybody but sometimes i just wish they could make their schedule to make their customers(the parents) happy. But yeh probably if they will open at 7.30 some parents will demand for someone to be there at 7…
      i know what you are saying about childminding…Problem is my daughter loves it at nursery and the childminders around my area have way to many kids to take care of. maybe in time i will find a better solution
      thank you for your comment my dear.

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