Words of Wisdom – Hate Mondays

Monday’s! Oh how I hate Monday’s!

I don’t think I ever look forward to be Monday! Not ever! Monday is the day when work starts! But this week in a way I couldn’t wait to be Monday! It’s been a hard weekend with lots of tantrums and me not feeling 100%. I don’t think I ever feel 100% but this weekend is been just a bit too hard.

But I took a decision. Instead of being the indulgent mother that I always am I am going to try and bit a bit more firm and maybe like this my daughter will stop the tantrums when I say NO to her. You see when depressed sometimes you say YES or OK just for the sake of not hearing another scream or a cry.

But no more! I am going to try and be the responsible mother that I should be.
So my Words of Wisdom for today are:

“Pay attention and stay centered. You carry the mantle of ‘Mother,’ the eternal principle of balance and stability. When your children’s energy is scattered, be grounded. When your children throw tantrums, be still. Know what you stand for. Be firm and consistent to teach your children about
boundaries. Thus you will root them in health and release their souls to limitless.”

Vimala McClure, in The Tao of Motherhood.

Now just for you something to smile about:

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