Words of Wisdom – 17/1

Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.
Eric Hoffer

You might wonder why I wrote the above, Well as you know I use the Underground every single day. Sometimes I just ignore people around me but sometimes I just can’t help from getting annoyed at how rude some people are.
Men just struck me with their ignorance!
Tonight there was a really pregnant lady waiting for the train. Next to her a guy who couldn’t wait to get one so he snitched in front of her! Why do you think he was in such a hurry?
Well he spotted that there was an empty seat!
The empty seat happened to be a reserved seat.
He just sat down and ignored the very heavy pregnant lady!!!
A seat was offered to the pregnant lady by another woman and the guy just sat there!

So…if you are a guy and you use the public transport on a daily basis or not BE POLITE! Being polite feels nice especially when you do something for a pregnant lady.

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