WOW – 25/1 and mum

I had a funny day today. I’m quite happy and feeling really light and so on…I feel like I’m floating.
Maybe is because of the Thinking Slimmer or maybe is because I make my mother happy today.
You see today is my mums birthday. When I was in Romania I use to travel home to spend the day with her. But now I am miles and miles away and as I’ve not been very cheery this last couple of months and really didn’t call home very much either…so I really wanted to make my mum happy today. I wanted her to know that I love her and that I care even though I live miles and miles away.
So I sent her flowers,champagne and Roche chocolate while she was at work. Damn expensive but as you can imagine she was overwhelmed. When I spoke on the phone with her she said that she cried. Oh bless her! I just wish I could give her a big hug from me today!

My words of wisdom (and I’m sorry if I am repeating myself):

Make someone you love happy – a phone call, a gesture or a flower – they will really appreciate it because they love you too!

This is a picture with my mum – Aurelia!
La multi ani mama!

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