Cooking evening with Morrisons

Last week I was very lucky to be invited to a cooking experience hosted by Morrisons. It was a very exciting and cheerful evening. As soon as we arrived at the event we were greeted with drink and coffee.
As you might already know Morrisons is one of the biggest food retailers in UK. Morrisons owns 476 stored and their business is mainly food and grocery. The unique thing about Morrisons is the fact that they use their own manufacturing facilities and this gives them control over the provenance and the quality of food.
We were invited to the event to be presented the new M savers range of products.

Richard one of the Morrisons chefs demonstrated how easy and cheap is to cook the Meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti recipe for only 58 pence a portion. How great is that? You can actually feed your family of 4 for only £2.32. Here are a few pictures with Richard cooking:


The dish looks yummy and tastes yummy too!

Above you can actually spot Sarah Willingham too! This lovely lady is an expert on saving money and a restaurant entrepreneur. She shared with us some saving tips about how to shop wisely and told us more about what M savers has to offer.

Before I tell you more about the evening and about my dezastruous recipe I would like to share with you the Saving Tips that Sarah shared with us:

– When shopping always take with you a shopping list because like that you will not be tempted to buy things that are not on offer and that you simply don’t need;
– Never shop when you are hungry! You might end up buying more just because your stomach is empty;
– Be aware of the supermarket layout – offers usually are displayed at the end of the aisles,but sometimes you can seek for bargains elsewhere.

Now getting back to cooking, we were all offered to try out and cook some of the recipes that you can find on the Morrisons website. Funny enough I end up cooking the same recipe that Richard demonstrated. Easy enough! However I like a chat and unfortunately my meatballs were not as good looking at his! But at least they were tasty!


See me in action! Thanks God Richard was around to help as I was way too busy to talk with the rest of the ladies!

And now I present you my Meatballs in tomato sauce and spaghetti!
As you can see I am still to perfect my cooking skills!After we all finished cooking we sat down and enjoyed eating our dishes.

In the picture above you can see the other three bloggers that participated at the Morrisons event. From left to right i present you Danielle from BlogbyBaby , Michelle from Utterly scrummy and Hannag from Resourcefulcook.

 Morrisons M Savers Product Range is exntended to over 500 items. You will be happy to know that the majority of the M savers are under £1.
You can also buy 1Kg of Frozen Chicken Breast Fillets for as little as £3.99. Check the Morrisons website for more details and recipes.
I am so happy to be part of the M Savers world. At last I have the knowledge and the tools – all offered by the lovely people at Morrisons – to cook lovely meals for my family and save valuable money too.
In a world were all the prices are going up and salaries are staying the same the Morrisons with their new M savers products give us hope.
You will very soon see more posts on this blog about M savers products and even tried out recipes. They might not look as good as Richards but they will be cheap and tasty.


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