Healthy pancakes?!?

You might laugh but the healthy pancakes really exist and I’m going to show you how to make them. First though I need to tell you why I chose to make this healthy option.
I didn’t mention it before but at the same time with listening the “Thinking Slimmer” Slimpod I am following the Dukan diet as well. Dukan diet is based on eating proteins as a main food, followed by vegetables and no carbohydrates. I thought it will be quite hard as I used to love (I still do) my potatoes, pasta, and rice. Even though you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates you still need to have oat bran every single day.
A very interesting way to eat the oat bran is to make a “galette”.
Here is a picture with mine. On the Dukan website they look a lot better though…

For more information about how oat bran can help you please read more on the Dukan website.

The recipe is very easy. Ingredients below are for one galette though:

1.5 tbs oat bran

1.5 tbs low fat fromage frais

Sweetener( if you want to make it sweet)

1 egg

Mix all the ingredients together(except the egg white) until smooth and then add in the egg white. Pour into a warmed frying pan and cook for 2 minutes over medium heat. Use a spatula to turn the galette over and cook for another 2 minutes.

The pancake is quite thick and if you are not on a diet then you can add fruits or any sauces you might like.
If you try them please let me know I would love to know your opinion!

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