My words of wisdom

The week that just passed was quite a busy one….events, days out and the Baby Show!

I met new people and learned new things. I even learned new things about myself. I do wonder how a 31 year old woman can still learn things about herself but it happened. Writing it – a 31 year old woman- doesn’t actually feel like I’m talking about myself! When the hell I got to call myself a woman?!? I feel like I’m suddenly this woman I’m not even recognising…I don’t look like I thought and wished I would look in my 30’s! Why?

 Why do we grow up so fast? This weekend I even met people I’ve met before! Two lovely bloggers! It was really nice and it was like meeting friends.
I had a great week but I feel tired…I guess I should slow down a bit now that I’m in my 30’s…probably having one busy day a weekend could be enough? I feel tired but happy that i learned so many new things and meet some really fantastic people! You’ll hear more about it in my future posts this week.

Anyway so to keep the tradition up the Words of Wisdom for today are from Rob Thomas :

 “And the people we’ve become, well, they’ve never been the people who we are.”

PS: Saying that i need to tell you i am going out tonight with the great Mammasaurs and Musodad! YEY!!! 

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