Time for Words of Wisdom…

My dear readers,
I decided that i am missing writing my Words of Wisdom at the end of  the day so today i thought that Words of Wisdom should come back. It will not me a daily thing however. It will be a Monday thing. Hope you will like this new thing…
So…i’ve been thinking a lot about love for the past week so my Words of Wisdom for today will be about love.



I thought it safe to wear this fragile heart of mine on my sleeve.
I thought it safe to trust him to help me care for it, but instead,
He took this fragile heart of mine and dried up the flow of blood
That kept it alive, that had enabled it to love.
He left me heartless and cold, my soul now seeks vengeance.
For I took this fragile heart of mine and placed it on my sleeve
The sweet equivocation in his words lured me.
Instinct told me to be weary, but a victim of a foolish heart,
I ignored my sixth sense and did the predicatble,
I obeyed the thirst in me that yearned for him and placed my fragile heart on my sleeve.
Felt that cold chill; down my spine, as the wind echoed words of warning when in his arms I was embraced.
The sweet equivocation in his words lured me
And I fell prey to the foolish heart.
Now im broken, because I fell in Love.

Sometimes we just get dissapointed in our loved ones because we expect 
so much of them. 
Not because we’re demanding, but because we would do those exact
things for them. 
by Junethea Crystal


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