Very quick blueberry muffins

We had this box of blueberries for a while in the kitchen but hubby and boogie didn’t really fancy eating them so I decided to bake some muffins instead.
If I wasn’t on a diet I would’ve probably eat them by now but blueberries are not allowed at this rage in my diet.
So as I was preparing the dinner, I thought about mixing the ingredients for these muffins as ŵell. Quickly I googled the recipe on my iPad and found this easy recipe on the Good to know website. You can get the ingredients from there.
I didn’t really follow the exact measurements and the order of mixing the ingredients but hubby says they are quite good.
I melted the butter to speed the things up. Below you can find a couple of pictures with the muffins taken by my husband:

I so wish I could have one of these! But I am sticking with my diet-on which you will be updated very soon.

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