A simple note…

I didn’t have a very nice day yesterday…I was really tired physically and mentally and i felt like my brain wasn’t functioning. It was like a brain blockage…something that it doesn’t happen to me very often.

Usually my brain is full of stuff and i think way too much! My husband always says – “Relax”. But it just doesn’t work regardless on what i try. We are very busy at work as well and sometimes i don’t even have time to take a break. There are days when i forget to eat or go to the toilet. Oh..i am really looking forward to my holiday. I miss my mum and dad. Well…hopefully we will go to Romania if nothing happens with my father in law. He is ill and in hospital at the moment so we don’t know if he will survive this time. I hope he will – he is old though..

With my daughter a bit ill and my husband being out decided to go to bed quite early as well. I watched some of my favourite programs – “Desperate Housewives” and “Ringer” and then went to sleep.

I was still a little bit down and didn’t really wanted to get up from bed when on the way home i started reading one of my friends blog post “Energy Boosters for a tired mumma..”. She says such positive things that in the end after i read it i was smilling. If you need a boost you need to read her post!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

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