Around London in 3 days…

 These last couple of days been so nice! I was off work because my sister came to London to visit me. The days went really fast but it was lovely!

On Tuesday we visited Borough Market. It was lovely to finally visit the market – it was my first time can you believe it? – and then catch up with Annie. In the afternoon we travel to Camden Town. When my sister lived in London a couple of years back we use to go to Camden every couple of weeks. Needles to say we had some food and bought some bits and bobs. I even bought a…check this out! A jingly scarf! Didn’t take a picture with it yet but then here is a picture to see what I’m talking about:

Mine is not red, is blue and I only paid 10£ for it. I use to go to belly dancing before and I want to go back so I’m really excited about this!
Camden was as colourful as ever but I loved this bench! Very funky!

Wednesday I didn’t take my daughter to nursery anymore as my sister wanted to spend more time with her as well. So we went to visit London Aquarium.

It was the second time for me but first for my daughter and my sister. A great day out with the kids and lots to learn. The whole thing is quite Impressive! And my daughter couldn’t take her eyes off the fishes!

My daughter was so tired at the end of it that she fell asleep in her pushchair as soon as we left the London Aquarium.
Then we continue walking to Covent Garden. It was a lovely sunny afternoon so it was really pleasant indeed.
In Covent Garden we spotted some EGGS and had some ice cream.

Covent Garden is wonderful even though busy…in a sunny day is really good for the little ones.
With that we arrive at the last day of my sisters visit and the actual day of departure. she is already in Italy as I am writing this and it feels like she never actually came. SAD! I even share a tear after I dropped her at Tottenham Hale Station. I do wonder when I’m going to see her again.
So..from about 12pm until 5pm I spent the day by myself and this is what I’ve been up too:
– threading my eyebrows 4£ – it only took 3 minutes – but it was quite painful!!Argh!!But had to do it as last time I done it was..geeh I can’t even remember!
– haircut 26£ – been holding my hair up in a pony tail for the last 2 or 3 months! I now have a bit of a fringe;picture below-do I look scary?
– gel nails – 23£ – and took the longest – my first time and I love my nails now!

I know that the picture with the nails is not very impressive but I’m impressed! They are so hard and even it took long having them done they say it usually lasts long – 3-4 weeks or so?
I know I didn’t post a picture with my sister yet but this is because we just concentrated on talking, taking pictures with my daughter and the surroundings. I do have other pictures though so here is my beautiful sister:

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