I can’t believe how sad i feel…i really thought that it will happen this month…i really thought that this month i will be able to make my hubby , my daughter , my sister and my parents happy….

Something must be wrong with me…it has to be something wrong…or maybe it’s my age? Should i just go to the doctors and request tests? Should i be worried now? I am only 31 and a half? Did i leave it too long and now is too late? Or maybe i should just stop at one child? Should i? It makes me sad….i feel sad every time my daughter is asking for a sister…

Sorry to be so depressing but this is how i feel…today…as today i found out that i’m not pregnant yet again….

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  • MrsB @ crankymonkeys in london

    I have been in your shoes… we had loads of tests done but diagnosis was ‘unexplained secondary infertility’ – which basically means keep trying and it’ll happen one day 😐 (I was prescribed Clomid though just in case and ended up getting pregnant on the first round of that…)

    You are definitely NOT too old! 🙂

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