Easter sadness…

Easter is just around the corner. This year unfortunately the Easter in England and the Orthodox Easter are on different dates. It might not be a big deal for most of you but for me it is. You see this stops us from spending our Easter with my family.
In England the Easter falls on the 8th of April so the nursery is closed the week before.
In Romania, Easter is celebrated on the 15th of April a week later.
So…we had to make use of the bank holidays and this is why are going to Romania between 5th – 13th of April. I really don’t want to make my dad drive us to the airport on Easter day.
Easter is quite important in my family and in Romania I should say. It is a big celebration and with a lot of religious connotations.
I will go on and say that in Romania the Easter celebration is mostly religious and a lot less about the Easter bunny.
I remember the trips to the church with my grandmother very well.
She teach me how to say prayer, she teach me how to make the cross and say “Amen”. It makes me sad that my daughter is not growing learning these traditions. I wish my grandmother was alive. She will definitely tell me off for not going to the church
There is an orthodox church in Guilford but we never been there…
Hubby is not the religious type when I go in a church gives me peace. I can relax even there is nobody around.
So why they are so many religions around the world? We all believe in a power above humanity so why separate it in so many types?
Christianity is a religion that believes there is only one God. It is based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Greek orthodox, Catholics, Baptism, Church of England and Easter Orthodox(Russians) – we are all Christians.

I wish there was an orthodox church closer to where we live. I wish my husband could be a bit more religious sometimes. Believing gives peace and as you know soul peace is all we need these days.

It is a hard life out there. And believing in God and good can make us better.

I will not go into details but this time when I go to Romania I will take my daughter there. I will try and explain her as much as I can what it is and maybe I will even try and teach a prayer in Romanian.

(We are having a hard time trying to teach my daughter Romanian at the moment so will see how it goes). 

I hope this post will not make you stop reading my blog. This is what I believe and how I feel. Happy Easter everyone!

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    • Romanianmum

      I’ve been thinking about it since writing it. I think what i miss most is not the actual goings to the church but the connection i use to have with my grandmother and her teachings. It saddeness me that i can’t offer it to my daughter.

  • Sarah

    It’s nice to read something like this on a food blog. Thanks for your honesty. I hope you have found a church to go to near where you live because maybe you can find your connection to God again. And see what your grandmother saw. Beautiful writing.

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