Life is full of sad and happy

You know how is like when you don’t feel like yourself? This is like I’ve been feeling for the past week. It’s like I can’t think and my body is not responding to me. I felt dizzy and almost felt off the escalator on the tube, I can’t concentrate at work and I’m making mistakes, I losing my patience with my daughter more than usual. I feel like I want to cover my ears and don’t hear anything anymore. No more requests, no more complains or more sadness. If I could wipe part of my life off with a sponge then maybe I will be a little bit more happier. To tell you the truth I have mixed feelings of happiness and sadness…and this stinking cold and sore throat are not helping either!

It is true we had something bad happen In our family life – my hubby dad was very ill and passed away in hospital this morning in his sleep. We are very sad and the fact we are so far away from Leeds it doesn’t help either… Before this happen though I was happy we were so close to go home to Romania and see my parents. It’s been really stressful at work these last couple of months and I really need a breather. As you can imagine we feel a little bit like we should not go away. Hubby says though we can’t change anything and that we need to go to Romania regardless on when the funeral is… I don’t know…I just don’t want him to regret it later… My daughter of course she can’t really get what happened so it is very hard to try to make her understand why we are sad. She helps my hubby a lot though… She still makes us laugh and giggle and makes understand that we need to celebrate life instead of mourning. I hope this doesn’t sound selfish…

We have some other nice news to share with you but this is not the time. Not yet.

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