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Cookery books! Every time I go to a book shop I end up browsing the cookery books.
Love the colours and I’m curious to see what are the latest cookbooks on the market.
I have a couple of favourite chefs but I also love the anonymous kind of books – written by people that are not that famous.

So because of my love of cookery books I decided to join the linky this week over at Katetakes5 blog.

Really excited to share them with you! I’m having a hard time choosing only 5 though…but let’s see:

1. Delia’s – How to cook – I think this book must’ve been the first book I bought in England. I learned lots from this book as it has detailed descriptions about everything from how to knead to baking potatoes and what utensils you should use in the kitchen.
Since I bought this book the only way I bake potatoes is the Delia’s way! I even shared the love for baked potatoeson this blog as well.


2. Of course number two on my list it has to be Nigella with her book “Kitchen Recipes from the heart of the home”. I mean sometimes she is number 1. I love the way she writes and reading her cookery books is like reading a book sometimes. She gives you the feeling that she is right there in front of you.
Her recipes are so simple and so tasty! One of the favourites in my house are the Chocolate banana muffins. They are yummy!


3. Another book that I love and that I received from my sister in law is “The diary book of Family Cookery”. Lovely book with old recipes and that teaches me things about the English traditions. Worth buying indeed.



4. Hairy Bikers! They are so funny and so unique! And their book “Food Tour of Britain” is fantastic!


5. The last book on the list but not the last in my heart is “River Cottage Everyday” by Hugh Fearnley. His show is so good and his recipes so healthy looking. I keep think to go and visit the real River Cottage.


That’s it! I do have other books I love but these are special.
For more cookery books go and visit Kate Takes 5 blog.

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