My confession

I have moments like today when I’m proud to be a Londoner! London is always buzzing day or night, there is always something happening out there!
I’m proud to be living and working in a town where people enjoy their time and feel like they belong because this is such a multicultural city!
In London you can be cool, you can dress as you like and go wherever you want. It feel like this is the centre of Europe rather than only UK’s capital. English, Spanish , Irish , Italian , polish, Romanian,Estonian,Swedish,French,Turkish , Australians etc. can find a place they feel good here. I never thought that I will move to London when I was growing up. I use to admire the pictures of London when I was a child but never ever imagine that I will fall in love and move to this fantastic city. Part of me feels British and maybe that’s why because I feel that here I truly become ME!
Since I came to London 6 years ago my life changed completely. I become a wife, a mother and a new person all together. Since I came to London I had the Time of my life like the song says! I love it’s quirkiness , the fact that nobody feels an outsider. I use to have moments in my own country when I felt like an outsider. But here…even with my depression and all I feel good in my skin. Well most of the time anyway ;))
I hope Londoners, the ones that were born here do not take offence. I know that sometimes it feels that foreigners that away your town.
I one thank you for letting me be here and grow here.
Thank you,
The Romanian Mum

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