Roast chicken dinner

Today I would like to share with you a recipe that I cooked for my family at the end of last week. It is inspired by one of the recipes that can be find on the Morrisons website under the M Savers recipes.
So on Saturday we went shopping to Morissons and bought everything that we need it for this week. I was very please when the total came to only £37.13. It usually goes up to over 60-70£. I think the big difference is the fact that we bought quite a lot of products from the M savers range.
One of the products is this chicken below for which we paid only £3.36. Considering that is Class A and that it comes from the English farms is a really good deal!So if you take one chicken…
And then some potatoes, carrots, parsnip and peas and start cooking!The other evening when I went out for a cooking lesson with Morissons we all been given some recipes cards and I promised myself that I am going to try them all.
The appropriate one for this evening is the Roast Chicken Dinner. All ingredients besides the gravy are from the M savers range.Ingredients – total cost=£4.51

Chicken – £3.36 for 1.468 kg
Potatoes – 800 gr for 32p
Carrots – 300 gr for 20p
Parsnip – 300 gr for 35p
Peas – 300 gr for 28p
Gravy – already have some

Firstly you need to season the chicken as you like it and roast it on a wire reach over a roasting tin for about 1h 1/2 at 200 degrees or until you think that is ready. You need to make sure that the meat juices run clear however.
When cooked cover it with some foil and leave it to rest for about 20 minutes.
Boil the parsnip and potato in the same pan. You can cut as big or as small as you like it. The recipe from Morrions says to put them in the oven after they boiled but I didn’t. I actually just boil them well(per my daughters liking) and at the end added a dollop of butter and some dill.
Carrots and peas were boiled in separated pans until ready too.
To serve carve the chicken and add to a plate followed by potatoes,carrots,parsnip and peas. And if you like it add the gravy.
Here is my husband plate (no peas though as they were claimed by my daughter and me). I’m on the Dukan diet so the only vegetable I could eat was peas.

Have to say that as we are only 3 in my family this dish lasted us longer than one meal. We all had something for lunch for next day.For more ideas and recipes inspired by the M savers products please visit the Morrisons website.

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