Shopping Experience at Bentalls

Bentalls! I was one of the lucky ladies invited to a shopping day out at this fantastic and lovely shopping centre. With over 3 levels the Bentalls shopping centre is filled up with something for everybody!

Needless to say that even before we met the rest of the ladies my daughter spotted the Disney Shop. Of course I had to and loved to buy my daughter a Rapunzel doll.

 We met the rest of the ladies at the Costa Cafe where we enjoyed a coffee a d a muffin (my daughter enjoyed one for me as I’m on a diet). I was the only one with a the kid after her but the lovely PR people make it really nice for me and always allow me more time to explore. Our tour around the Bentalls shopping centre started of course with the one and only L.K.Bennet.

 To tell you the truth I love this shop so much I could’ve spent my whole day just here. Lovely, shoes, bags and clothing suitable for any size and body type. Did you know that when you buy a pair of shoes from their shop with it they are offering I store repairs? How fantastic is that! My daughter was really impress too! You see even she is only 3 years old she already loves bags and shoes like any respectable lady!

 After delighting our eyes and hearts in the lovely L.K.Bennett shop next it was time for pampering at Crabtree and Evelyn shop. The shop keepers are so nice! They even treat us with cookies and a hand massage.

 If you have problems with dry hands or elbows Crabtree and Evelyn is the place to go. So now hoping my hubby is reading this too – if you want to make your wife happy go and buy her a present from tis lovely shop. I guarantee she will be very happy!
 Next it was time for the flowery dresses and shoes at the Yumy shop.
 Yumy is a very lively and colourful shop. Probably I am not brave enough to go on and purchase one of their designs but my daughter was certainly impressed! Have a look at some of their products:

 Essential was our next stop. Essential Essential stocks a wide selection of Sterling Silver and costume jewellery plus a range of Surgical Steel body jewellery and Mens and Womens branded watches. The staff here is very friendly and they will chat with you to get a feeling of what you would like first. Here you can find something for all – mummy or children.

 It was really hard to take my daughter out of this shop but when we finally did the next shop we stepped in was Oliver Bonas. Jewellery, clothing, stuff for kids and even furniture! This shop is amazing! I fell in love with the couch like chairs!
 But as I said you can find something for you little ones as well:
 On one of their walls I noticed the below quote and as I’m mad for quotes (you will know if you are a regular reader) here it is:
 Esprit was visited next but my daughter and I had to have a trip to the toilet so we didn’t spend enough time there. You know how is like a child a 3 years old? When they have to go they have to go and sometimes you can spend up to half an hour in the toilets.
 Austen Reed and T.M.Lewitt were next on the list but these shops are not the favourite for a 3 year old so I had to entertain her a little bit. Great shops however where your partner can pick and choose fabulous clothing.
 Did you know that T.M.Lewin is actually making shirts for the Prime Minister? Yesterday we actually went back to the shop and both my hubby some shirts as he starts a new job son Monday. The staff recognise me and I was treated very lovely.
 How else will you finish a shop experience if not by pampering yourself with a manicure from the lovely ladies at Nails Inc.? So yes our final was here where one of the ladies demonstrate us how to make our nails look glamourous at home by using their new magnetic nail varnish range
 or the crackling one:
 I even tried the magnetic ones myself:
 So next time you fancy a shopping trip why not go to Bentalls? Lots of shops and pampering for all. This is a place that can offer you shops from the lower range of spenders up to the higher which is rally good! Definitely a better alternative to the busy Oxford Circus where you are not even protected by rain.

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