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As I don’t want to disappoint you…today I have a new funny cartoon about social network:

Now a funny story about my little one: We started to potty train boogie about a month and a half ago. She is still wearing nappies at night but most nights the nappies are dry. However, when we go out to shops sometimes she has some kind of…”fear”…regarding the public toilets. She doesn’t do it all the time and sometimes she is perfectly fine. I am not sure why but that happen today as well. She hold it for so long and even when I took her to the toilet she was somehow stopping herself go… While in Morrisons today she start complaining about her belly ecke…on the way home she wee wee so much she filled the nappy I put on in Boots(as I didn’t have any more spare underwear) and the trousers…we were so surprised when we came home…why do kids do that? The funny part comes now though…while playing around the house she again “forgot”to tell us she needs to go to the toilet (geeh I really don’t know what was wrong with her today ). Thanks God we have laminate floor…
So of course she wee wee on the floor…and at the end she said: “Look mummy it looks like a snowman!” Arh..not funny for you? It was funny for us!
I guess kids have good days and bad days with potty training…for boogie was definitely a bad but funny day!

Plus in Bentalls today she make a woman laugh by calling me: “Missus! Come on now!” yeh she was copying her father! The woman just stopped,turn around and laughed so loud! And she even thanked us for making her laugh!

Oh and I really hope my boogie will not hate me for posting this!
If you would like to see more funny pictures,stories etc. please go over Mammasaus.

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