And then..I put my cap on…

Did you watch Channel 4 program Home of the future? Well I did and the technology I saw there was amazing! I put my eye on a couple of the products presented and hopefully at some point I will be able to buy them. The program was very informative and interesting and if you missed you can always watched the episodes on Channel 4od.
Home of the future was sponsored by E.ON Innovation.
E.ON had a very Clever idea and started a great competition where anybody can win £10000 home energy makeover. All you have to do is to submit your clever energy idea as advised on their website by the 9th of April!So then I put my cap on and start thinking of gadgets that will make my life easier if somebody was to invent them!

My head is on fire as I’m not used to that much thinking normally…chuckle 😉
So here it is what I came up with:
– cleaning without water – shower, dishes – that will be wonderful as we already use too much water;
– a phone that never needs to be charged and that will never run out of battery;
– food that doesn’t make you fat no matter how much you eat;
– teleportation – no more travel to work and from work via tube, bus, train; ah and no more flying to get to see my parents; I will never need to learn how to drive either;
– a toilet that can clean by itself;
– an oven that can get clean by itself;
– a gadget of some kind that will get rid of hair on legs, underarm and you know where without pain and forever;
– a fridge that will identify the missing product and will refill it by using teleportation ( that is something they shown on the program actually);That’s it for me! My head hurts to much!
Do you have any ideas you would like to share? What is it that will make your life easier?

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