Cooking potato stew with Cirio

“Cirio” is a brand that has an extensive range of chopped and peeled tomatoes, purees, and passatas. It is actually the no. 1 brand in Italy.We love tomatoes in our house and have to say that cooking with the “Cirio”products is a pleasure!

For my potato stew I used the chopped tomatoes only. The “Cirio” chopped tomatoes are really consistent and thick and I only need it half of the tin.
The recipe for the potato stew is simple. You will need:
1 onion
Potatoes – I put about 8 I think??
Frozen vegetables like – carrots,peas,broccoli etc.
Stock – vegetables
“Cirio” chopped tomatoesFirst heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan and put on the chopped onion and let it to soft. As soon as the onion is soft add the potatoes ( which you peeled, wash and cut in the shape you like ) and the stock mixed with water until the potatoes are covered. Leave them to boil and then add the frozen vegetables and leave to boil again until they are all cooked.

As soon as cooked add the chopped tomatoes on top and mix.
Leave to boil well on a low heat. When you are happy with the consistence you can turn off and serve. This stew is fantastic to eat during lent with pickle cucumbers or peppers.

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