Decorating my living room

You might already know that we are renovating, building and decorating our home in Romania. It is true we have a long time to go yet but the living room and the kitchen are ready and they are both waiting to be decorated.
I am not one that really knows what I like but I am browsing the Internet to try and find colours, themes and types of furniture that I like.

There are a few things that I really need to have in my new home: a big dining table and a cream couch. I guess we all want that isn’t it? And yeh I know a cream couch is not the best when you have kids running around the house.

We do have a dining area and I would love a big dining table. Here are a couple of options that I found online:

Now all I need to do is to find a place in Romania that sells the same kind of table or to find a way to transport it the one I decide I like to Romania.

Now regarding a couch I would like a nice comfortable couch where I can put my feet up after a long day looking after my family. Unfortunately the couch can’t be very big so I’m quite restricted…However here are a few I like:

That’s it for now I guess…for now enough with the dreaming…maybe I should create a PInterest account soon and the. I can add all my likings there.

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