Things I enjoy in life…

Things I enjoy

Because I decided that I need to look more at the positives in my life rather than the negatives I thought that will be good to write down this list with things I enjoy in my life, things that belong to me only. I need to find myself again as I feel that I forgot what I enjoy in my life… So here you go I will try to put down 10 things I enjoy:

– a big latte in the morning brewed by lively hubby- this happens every day when we are at home and it is so yummy!
– reading a good book that makes me think about life and feelings – like one of the Paulo Coehlo ones – I don’t get to read that much though and I really need to do it more;
– having a massage – my husband knows it very well how much I like it even though he hates doing it;one of these days I need to visit my friend K for a professional massage though;
– a walk in the park after a rain spell – the air is so fresh and I like the smell of wet grass and soil;
– a glass of red wine and a chat with a good friend – again something I don’t do often;
– blogging – putting things that I feel in writing helps with my depression a lot;
– cooking and baking – this relaxes me lots – is like my mind gets clear when I do it; I like inventing recipes as well; sometimes all goes well sometimes it doesn’t but it’s fine;
– lounging in the sun if possible on the beach – I close my eyes and the sound of the waves relaxes me-hopefully I will do this soon;
– listening to music and dancing of course; how could I forget that?!? I use to be quite a dancer when I was younger…now I don’t even remember the last time I danced…oh it was at a wedding last October 🙁
– spending time with my family of course and watching my daughter play; seeing her smile and happy warms my heart immensely;

That’s it! I got stuck at some point but the I closed my eyes and remembered what I enjoy.

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