Cruelty or insanity?!?

The last couple of weeks been overshadowed by news of parents killing their kids…how sad! Reading the stories just made me feel sad and think of the reasons why a parent would do such a thing to their child. My daughter is the light of my eyes and I can’t imagine a greater love that the love I have for her.

First i read about the canadian mum who suffocated her under 5 children and then tried to kill herself without succeeding. How can a mother feel that the solution for all the problems is to end the life of her children? Only someone that suffers of deep depression maybe? I’ve been battling with depression for years and I can’t deny that sometimes I felt that my family would be better of without me. But never ever felt like more than acting upon myself. She must’ve felt so lonely and desperate…While reading her story I couldn’t stop wondering how she will feel when she will realise what she actually done! Maybe if she had family around somebody could’ve helped? What about the midwife? Why she didn’t notice? Or maybe she didn’t have one? Her youngest was only 10 weeks old…so sad… I beg you ladies if you ever feel like you are slipping on the depression route please seek help. Scream if you need to please. Or if you feel that nobody around you will listen just seek for me! I will be here to listen and help you. I found great help online and through seeking help I’ve made some really good friends.
As expected the woman that suffocated her children will be moved into a institution for mental illness soon. I’m sure she will never be able to forgive herself or even live with herself. Not even the best of drugs in the world…will help with that…really sad… I can’t even imagine how her husband feels…I wonder if he will ever be able to forgive her? I’m sure that with her was just a case of depression and insanity.

The other really bad thing that I heard this week is the news about the parents that killed their teenage daughter because she wore a v neck t-shirt while at school! You can read more about the story on the daily mail website…. How can a parent be so cruel and blinded by religion and comIt such a crime?!? They killed their daughter In front of the rest of the kids and then threatened them. So if any of the kids will act westernised like their sister then they will receive the same treatment? How can you say that to your children? The story of the parents killing their daughter Shafilea was told to the police by her sister Alesha that watched horrified the whole event. Can you imagine? She stands to be affected for the rest of her life.She herself struggled to get out of her parents control and only when she was caught that she instrumented a robbery she came clean and told the police the story of her sister death. She kept the secret for 7 years… I did wonder if the whole story is true or not… But why would she lie about it. She probably told the truth right now because she felt safe in the police custody? Safe from her parents? The people that gave her life? Why religion blinds people sometimes and makes them act so cruel? I mean I am not racist at all…and I accept all the religions around the world but…when it comes to cold cruelties like this I feel distress and discuss. We are living in a modern world and sometimes I do wonder why Muslim can’t adapt to the modernism as well?
But I’m sorry the reason I write this post is not religion…. I started writing about the above stories because they marked me, they make me feel different about my life…
They made me realise how important it is to be surrounded with people that love you dearly and that respect you and your wishes and dreams. If it happens for these people not to be family then so be it. If they are family then it’s even better.
If you ever feel like you are in danger or if you feel like you are going to hurt the people that surround you then seek help. Seek help as soon as you think you need it. Do not wait for your feelings to get bad…

I hope that such news like the ones above will not be in the papers any time soon. I hope that everybody that needs help will get it when they need to.
I am sorry for the 3 kids that lost their lives through the insanity and the cruelty of their parents. And I sorry for the people that have to outlive them and their pain must be so great!

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