Every morning….

Every morning from Monday to Friday I wake up at around 6 am to a perfect cup of cappuccino made by husband. While sitting up on the bed my hubby brings my daughter to me. Sometimes she is happy to see me and hugs me. Sometimes she just wants her “milky” and completely ignores me until she finishes it.
Then while we cuddle she demands cartoon…and I give in every day. Long gone are the days when I used to just sit there and enjoy morning TV and “Daybreak”.
While we are just lounging in bed still my husband is running around to prepare for work. He needs to be out of the door by 7 so I stay out of his way until then. Sometimes he’s late as he needs to iron his shirt. I know I’m a bad wife and don’t help him with ironing his shirts.
As soon as we say goodbye to daddy and he is out of the door it’s mummy’s turn to run around and prepare herself and daughter for work and nursery.
Every morning we have the same drama as my daughter refuses to go to nursery…she even says that she is a big girl and she needs to go to a different nursery/school. You see some of her older peers left the nursery for school and as it happens she was quite attached to them. She is only 3 but she is quite strong minded!
As soon as we establish that she needs to go to the same nursery the battle of dressing up starts! It’s not really a battle but she demands a certain princess dress or recently her only Kitty dress which mummy and daddy both for the holiday and not for nursery. Well…if the particular dress is not dirty or wet…mummy gives in…after all you know… But if “NO” comes into the picture and she starts having a tantrum then instead of trying to calm her down I stop the cartoons d calmly take a shower or prepare lunch for both of us…It usually works as by the time I finish she is calm and ready to listen to me.
I learnt to deal with her dressing up before I do mine as it I leave it for the last minute then the chances are I will be late for nursery and work. That still happens sometimes 🙁 but we are usually out of the door by 7.50 with tidy clothes and clean hands, faces and teeth and lunches in our bags. Nursery opens at 8 and if by 8.05 I’m not out of the door then I’m again late for work…I do my best but sometimes it just hard to leave my little girl there….
Every morning my heart breaks a little bit when I leave the nursery…
Every morning I wish I could spend more time with my daughter…
Every morning I wish for the weekend to come faster…
But today is only Tuesday and as it happens today is a bit different…as I’m writing this I’m already on my way to work and is only 8.06 am. Daddy is dropping my daughter to nursery today and I get the happiness of picking her up and make her happy rather the sad.
Is your morning the same?

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