Yes spots! I hate them! All of them! White ones, red ones, black ones I hate them all! I’m in my 30’s and I still have spots. Nothing seems to extinguish them! And they are everywhere. And I mean everywhere! On my face ,neck, chest, back,bum and legs! Everywhere!
It is true now it’s not as bad as it used to be… I think I started having spots when I was 10. And then they continued to appear In the white and discussing form until I was 18 years old! My parents used to squeeze them out! It was one of my dad favourite things! And oh the pain! When I was 14 I discovered that I shouldn’t squeeze the out though as they leave signs into the skin 🙁
By then however it was too late because I already had lots of holes!!
In them the black ones started to develop! Yup not a beautiful picture but hey! What can you do. The monthly trips for treatments to the beauty salon started then…squeeze…and the pain! I remember that I used to cry during the whole process 🙁
But soon I learned how to mask them and how to take care of them. Have to admit that starting my sexual life had an impact as well. Suddenly they were not that many anymore…but they were still there…they didn’t disappear 🙁
My grandmother bless her use to say not to worry and they will disappear when I’m going to get married! Regular sex she used to say 🙂 well it didn’t happen hahah or maybe this is where I’m wrong?!? Maybe I need to have sex more often?!?
Crazy spots! Why people have to have spots?!? No matter what I do they are still there! There is no use in having them! It’s not like having lots of hair – at least I could get money for hair but not for spots! These days I can’t even be bothered to cover them anymore! Saving money on foundation hahah
I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy reading this post! I just felt like I had to write about my hate for spots!

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