Words of Wisdom 14/5

This week I wondered if I should continue writing the “Words of Wisdom” series on my blog…. Then I even wondered if I should continue writing at all and if maybe the blog is not what I need in my life at the moment…Maybe you noticed that I didn’t write a lot anyway and that my posts are rather full of self pity? Who wants to write a blog that is always depressing? I mean seriously!

But then the lovely Annie the mother of http://mammasaurus.co.uk/ and LoveAllBlogs asked me to be part of the Love New Blogs team. I love her work and what she’s been doing for new and old bloggers all over the net. She is a good friend too and I was really happy to say YES!
So all these thoughts going through my head about quiting made no sense anymore. I love helping and this new and little job that I now have will help others but will help me the most.
Feeling that you belonging means a lot and this is what new bloggers need: a community that is just for them.

I am looking forward to be challenged and to help my fellow new bloggers. I remember very well how hard it was when I started my own blog. I couldn’t really understand why people have so many links and badges in their side bars or why they are joining the bloggers communities? How will they help and why I should add them to my blog too if I only want to write about my ups and downs and depression.
We are hoping that we will be able to answer all these questions on the LoveNewBlogs.

For more details about all this and the team of lovely bloggers why not visit the website?

To get back to the “Words of Wisdom” you might get the theme of today just by reading the quote below:

We give of ourselves when

we give gifts of the heart:

love, kindness, joy, understanding,

sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness.

We give of ourselves when

we give gifts of the mind:

ideas, dreams, purposes, ideals,

principles, plans, inventions, projects, poetry.

We give of ourselves when

we give gifts of the spirit:

prayer, vision, beauty, aspiration,

peace, faith.

We give of ourselves when

we give the gift of words:

encouragement, inspiration, guidance.


Have a lovely week and if you are a new blogger don’t forget to come and visit www.lovenewblogs.com!

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  • Older Mum

    Another great words of wisdom. I’ve been feeling uninspired with my blog too – I wonder if something is going around at the moment. I always find taking a break from it helps me to get back into it again. X

    • Romanianmum

      Or maybe our blogs just reached that point when they need more? Or just we think that they need more? Maybe just writing from the heart will be enough? Who knows 😉

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