Words of Wisdom 21/5

I am happy to write my WOW this week! I’m always happy to open myself to you..obviously the words of wisdom I choose every week reflect me and my feelings…sometimes they are good feelings and sometimes they are less good feelings…but all in all…writing this post every week helps me go through it…pass the bad moments in my life…

My last week was full of up and downs like usual…I had days when I was over the moon with happiness and I had days when I could’ve cried endlessly…when I felt empty…like this bench…

So here are my Words of Wisdom for today…The simple keys of life

by shimmering Dawn

I am glad when I have it all,
Grateful and happy, standing tall,
How could I moan when I hit a wall?
Isn’t it another side of the call?

I love sunny days,
But I truly need the rain,
Criticism and praise,
To grow and sustain.

Learning to love the cold,
I am growing bold,
Embracing the sad,
With the happy and the bad!

Absence and presence,
Darkness and brilliance,
Bring their own meanings,
Into our lives!

Beginnings and endings,
Soaring and failings,
Make happy days blissful,
And sad days hopeful!

In life’s short journey,
There is a simple key,
To love with all your might,
And set things right.

Do the best you can,
Be faithful to your plan,
Smile from your heart,
Don’t let happiness depart!

Have a lovely week!

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