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The Britmums Live Aftermath!

Full of emotion and with a heart pounding this weekend I participated at the annual conference for bloggers Britmums Live!

Now sitting on my couch and writing I feel so tired I can barely move.
It was an weekend full of lots of new things to learn, meeting friends that I met in real life before and friends I met for the first time too. Oh and let’s not forget the goodies!

I end up leaving with like 5 bags from the conference!
I have to admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed though…and maybe a bit out of place…There were so many well known and successful bloggers there…plus VIP’s like Ruby Wax and Cherry Healey. I even met Andy Murray’s mum – Judy Murray. A Fantastic people indeed.

I did have a good time though and the room at the hotel was quite a treat!
It’s incredible how can a day full of workshops and meeting people can make me feel like I have a hangover. I wish I had some of the amazing proseco,wine and beer that was an offer but alcohol is not in the books for an expected mother so had to have lots of water and Welch’s cocktails-which by the way they were yummy!
My head is full of lots of food for thought right now and you will probably hear more about the conference in future posts. The Britmums lady did an amazing job organising the event for us bloggers.
Thanks you and I hope that I can attend next year with more confidence!

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