The Versatile Award

Two lovely bloggers nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award quite a while ago – Mrs. B over at Cranky Monkeys Blog and Oana – my fellow Romanian – over at Mamas haven.
Firstly I need to apologise as i left it so long to reply back with a post.
Also, thank you ladies for the nomination! Sometimes I think there’s nobody out there reading my blog but you two proved me wrong.

The rules are that I need to tell you 7 random things about myself and pass the award to 5 – 15 other bloggers that I follow regularly. Like Mrs. B I will do 5.

Firstly 7 random things about myself – this will be quite hard I must say:
– I love a good and relaxing massage;
– I’m hate mice and rats – but who doesn’t – even speaking or seeing them on TV makes me feel scared;
– also I’m really afraid of heights – when I was a kid I almost fell over from the 4th floor balcony;
– In Romania I studied law but have no use for it now as I live in England;
– I’ve been thinking to train as a doula as I love help new mothers in their journey – not sure if that will happen or not;
– when I was a child I use to dance around the house and dreamed to be a dancer when I grow up – it never happen :(;
– my first job when I came to England was as an au pair – only for 2 months until I found a proper job.

Now it’s time to nominate more blogs for the Versatile Award:

– the lovely Clare at A boy with Aspergers – for being so inspiring and there for me at the beginnings of my blogging “career”;
– Katie – my lovely friend that now moved back to her home country USA – Snugglebubby – will miss her and hopefully some day will see each other again – she is always blogging from the heart;
– Annie – the most resourceful and helpful blogger I know – thank you for being around –;
Older mum – always writing comments on my blog and being there for me when I need it – you should go over and read her 100 Words Challenge posts as she writes them so well ;
– Vanessa at HPMCQ – for her unique way of writing and her lovely pictures;

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