Words of Wisdom 11/6

I just can’t believe is the 11th of June and the weather is so bad! It’s been raining constantly since we arrived from our holiday in Majorca. Will tell you more about our holiday in a future post I promise.
The holidays finished less than a week ago and I feel so tired! And sleepy! And I’m sure is this rain! I think today is been the worse!
It’s raining and raining…it doesn’t stop at all…and everybody looks so depressed on the streets and the public transport…
It’s summer and we are suppose to be dressed up like is summer…sandals,..light colours and short sleeves but nope…people are wearing boots and thick jackets like it is winter…so depressing…

I do hope though that the weather will change and summer will be here again! We need sun in our lives! Sun brings happiness!
Anyway…I found this beautiful poem about rain and I’m going to share it with you:

Rain, rain, its always raining,
Rain, rain, I end up saying,
Rain, rain, please go away now,
Rain, rain, just leave right now,
Rain, rain, don’t know how,
I don’t care how,
To make my rainy day just go away…

So I stand,
in the pouring rain,
So I can,
feel the growing pain,
Of having rain,
coming down like the Armageddon flame.

I can see raindrops playing their game,
Even though they look the same,
I know that there is more to rain……

the poet

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