Garlic soup

I’m Romanian and I like garlic! My hubby says that romanians eat garlic with anything. More or less is true…LOL. Thing is if we put garlic in a dish it’s always lots!
For the past couple of days I’ve been suffering with a very bad cold and believe me when I tell you a cold it’s even worse when pregnant!
So today, as soon we got home from up north I decided to cook a soup for my sore throat! The only problem was the fact that we didn’t have any of the ingredients need it to cook a traditional Romanian soup. One that my mum always use to cook for me when I was having a cold….no parsnip….
Well we didn’t go shopping since last Sunday so it was understandable.
But then I remembered that Nigella had a recipe for soup with garlic. As I said before anything with garlic is right down my street!

So ignoring the fact that I could barely stand up I looked for the recipe in my big Nigella book. I didn’t have all the ingredients but I made a few replacements that didn’t hurt the taste of the soup one bit!

So here are the ingredients I used and that I had left in my kitchen:
– 6 spring onions(Nigella used leek);
– half a bulb of garlic(Nigella used a whole one);
– dried herbs(Nigella used fresh thyme);
– 2 big baked potatoes;
– dried parsley(Nigella user fresh one).
– 1.5l of stock made out of hot water and 2 cubes of Oxo;
I know the difference of ingredients is not huge but it teach me that I don’t need to follow a recipe literally.
First add a tablespoon or two of oil in a pan that has a lid.
Next I added the onion:

Leave to fry for about 5 minutes mixing continuously with a wooden spoon. Make sure it doesn’t burn.
Next add the garlic thinly cut and the dried herbs:
Fry for 5 more minutes and stir continuously.
In the meantime, wash and cut the potatoes into really small pieces. Like Nigella, I didn’t peel them. It gives the soup a really nice turn.
When the 5 minutes are passed add the potatoes and stir well:
On top add the stock, cover the pan with the lid and bring to boil.
When boiled turn the hob to low-medium and cover with the lid loosely. Stir every now and then. Check and if the potatoes are cooked you can turn off the hob. Cover with the lid and leave it to cool for a while.
I wasn’t able to because I was hungry and my throat was asking for it.
Nigella says that the soup is good for a hangover and I tell you is guarantee to take away the pain of a sore throat. Well at least for a little bit… 🙂
Here is me hoping that tomorrow I will feel better and ready for work!

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