London Sites That Made Me A Cool Mum

Never be confused about what to do in London again! There’s plenty for kids to enjoy, with enchanted Harry Potter nooks and the double-decker tours (at the top of course!). There are also loads of free activities, like quirky museums, free cinema and skateboard-bound street art exhibitions. After a day out in these places, my kids were singing my praises as the coolest mum this side of the River Thames.

Skateboard Park
The South Bank isn’t all about posh concerts. A skate park lurks underneath Queen Elizabeth Hall: just don’t let the kids ride in the half-pipe without the right gear. The scenery is fascinating as it’s one of the most well-known spots in London to watch graffiti artists hone their skills without getting nicked, plus some excellent street art. Nearby, at the Hungerford Footbridge is a skateboard graveyard, where broken decks are given a sad burial. This was a great place to win brownie points with my son.

The Scoop
This is fabulous place for a completely gratis film or live band. Have a look online and see the schedule and then take the kids down for a family-friendly, and even better, free event. The location is good with 800 sunken seats in an amphitheatre close to Tower Bridge.

Hunterian Museum
A part of the Royal College of Surgeons, this is a free cultural centre that’s not for the squeamish. The place is named after John Hunter, one of the first people to apply the scientific method of surgery. There are plenty of skeletons and pickled organs that will appeal to curious children with a taste for the macabre. The never ending biology-related questions of ‘why do the eyes produce tears?’ or ‘why do we sleep?’ and so on, will be settled with a visit to the Hunterian.

Harry Potter Bus Tour
Muggles, witches and wizards are welcome, along with parents, for a tour of London’s notable locations in the filming of Harry Potter. It’s a pleasant, air-conditioned three hour long tour that I found pretty relaxing. Along the way my kids learned more about magic and tested their knowledge of the series. There are plenty of stops to stretch your legs and take pictures along the way. During the Olympics, the normal three hour bus tour will be a walking tour instead. 

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