Pregnancy diary week 18

So this is my second pregnancy! And it feels a lot different this time around I have to say. I remember that when I was pregnant with my daughter I use to check Babycentre website every single day. Sometimes more than once a day as I would spend a lot of time chatting on the forum with other expectant mothers. With some of them I am still friend with on Facebook. This time around not so much. I rarely check my Babycentre app to see what’s happening with the baby. I guess I am bit more busy this time. Instead of chatting on the forums I blog and chat on twitter.

First time around, my hubby use to take a picture with my belly every single week. This time I’m already 18 weeks and we didn’t take one single picture. I mean I have pictures with me since I became pregnant but not with me posing and showing the belly.

Is it just me or was is for you the same? With my daughter we’ve done every single bit of the pregnancy special and I feel that this time we don’t do enough…

I wonder if it’s because I am more worried this time. I worry that something bad will happen every single day….oh dear..maybe I should just calm down and enjoy rather worry and worry constantly.

Don’t get me wrong I am really happy and I’m really excited. In some ways is like being pregnant for the first time. The future looks bright in some ways. Oh…what am I doing?!? I’m babbling!!!

My daughter is excited as well! She thinks she will have a sister. It will be so lovely! We don’t know what we are going to have yet though. Boy or girl…who knows?!? All I want is for my baby is to be healthy and to come out ok.
According to my daughter if it’s a boy I can always have another girl next year! Funny!
We will find out on the 25th of July what it will be. Maybe.

It will be really difficult to have our second baby in a one bedroom house but people done it before and I think we can do it as well.
Financially it will be hard too as there will not be a lot of money left after we pay our
rent and bills from my hubby’s salary.
I think that next year at this time we will be a low income family. Oh…it so worries me!

You might wonder why we are having our second baby if we can’t afford it but…we thought that if it will not happen now then when?!? I have a sister that I love lots and hubby has 4 siblings too. We hate thinking that she will grow up without a sibling. We hate her not having any family after we pass away.

We might actually move back to Romania – the kids and I – next year. For a while. And then my hubby will join us or we will move back here. Who knows?!? I’m sure that somehow we will survive. We love each other lots and I’m sure we will find a way.

What do you think?

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