Pregnancy diary 21 weeks

Yesterday I had my second scan. The three of us-boogie,daddy and mummy-went to St. George’s Hospital together. I wanted my daughter to be with us as well.
She couldn’t stop talking though…or stop moving…somehow she was trying to distract us from looking at the scan.
Below you can see a picture of the scan. Not very good I should say. The lady wasn’t very good with capturing the baby…:(


Alright it is a picture of a picture…at my hospital doesn’t give you a cd with the pictures at the second scan. Ok enough with the scan!
We were really excited and we really wanted to see the gender of the baby!
Turns out that right exactly when the sonographer looked for it…baby crossed its legs and we couldn’t see it. The sonographer didn’t really insist though…but wasn’t mean to so will go with that! I can’t help not feeling disappointed though.
Baby is fine though. No problems what so ever!
Apparently at only 21 + 4 days the baby is already weighing 411 g-about 50 g more than what my iPhone applications said it should.
The sonographer was happy with the weight of the baby though. She said is not of small or too big…
I can’t tell you how long the baby is though as I have no idea how to read all those measurements. Anyway the baby is well and that is what makes us happy!
We might have a 4D scan later on but until then the gender of the baby is a

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  • MsXpat

    Awww bless. I pleased that all is well with you and baby. You know what, I really think at SG they are not that good with the images. Didn’t realise untill I’ve had one done at St. Helier.

    My first scan was so clear I thought the baby was older that it was, the second scan which we did last week was amazingly clear and you could really see a lot of the baby’s features in movement. I also had a male sonographer for the first time and he was amazing he pointed out so much on the screen for us, I was truly pleased.

    Looking forward to reading more of you baby news, bump buddy :0)

    • Romanianmum

      I know it’s not very good. It was the same last time with my daughter. We did have a later 4D scan and the images were a lot better.
      So good that you could see everything 🙂 Did you start buing new things for the baby?
      Thank you again Bump Buddy 🙂

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