Pregnancy diary week 20

Today I’m writing you after a day of not working…
The past three nights were taking out of a nightmare. Slept around 3-4 hours each night between several trips to the toilet. Besides the disturbing trips to the toilet I’m experiencing – my rheumatism and my varicose veins are causing me leg pains. This horrible weather needs to go as I don’t know how long I can take the pain anymore.
Last night I even had a bit of a fever! For that I blame my husband and he’s cold!
Or maybe I should just blame the weather!
The baby is moving like mad too which I am really happy about but that keeps me awake too!
I don’t remember my first pregnancy being the same. I remember that my daughter moved a lot during my 3rd trimester but not the 2nd.

Anyway this morning even if I felt tired I got my daughter prepared for nursery and myself for work and at 10 to 8 we were out of the door.
I was convinced I need to go to work and take my thoughts of things because maybe that will help. I mean even if I stay at home and try to sleep it off it might not work.
But…as i walked out of the nursery I almost fainted. My already existing headache was felt like my head was bouncing. I stayed there with my eyes closed and as soon as I could I called my boss to tell her that I will be at home today.
I was just afraid that all will be even worse if I go in the tube.
I wanted to work from home but in the end I didn’t…
All I done is lay on my couch in my pj’s and watch ER and sleep.
In the afternoon I managed to go to my doctors and get a prescription for more iron and vitamins too.
I still feel tired right now but my day spend at home laying on bed really helped. I relaxed and my head feels a lot more clear right now.
On another note,besides the nightmare nights,us as a family had quite a nice time!
Last weekend I managed to get myself in a
I true with my belly out!

I know the picture doesn’t really show the baby belly but believe me it is there!
I look more like a fat woman rather than a pregnant one.
Oh well…I’m both! LOL
Next week we are going for the second scan and we really hope we will find out the sex of the baby! Reading the Chinese calendar it looks like its going to be a boy!
That will be interesting! I just hope that if it is my daughter will not be very disappointed! She really wants a sister!
Any bets? What do you think! A girl or a boy?
Or maybe this baby will not allow us to see the sex exactly like my daughter!
Who knows?!? All we hope is for the baby to be healthy no matter what it is!

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