Pregnancy diary week 22

I’m now 22 weeks pregnant. Since yesterday to be more exact. I was so looking forward to this weekend as my last weekend was not very nice…my old affected my mood and you know…it’s just not nice to feel ill.
I had big plans for my Saturday. I was suppose to entertain my daughter while daddy was out at his photography course. The weather was nice so a trip to the park was in order! Only that it wasn’t meant to be… While tidying up and preparing to leave the house…my belly start hurting badly! It was like a constant stabbing pain on the left side of my belly. The pain was going up to my back. Every now and then the pain was getting even stronger! I thought that if I lay down and rest the pain will go away….
Only that it didn’t…as the minutes and hours were passing my pain was getting worse.
Baby was moving a lot too so I wasn’t very worried from that point of view. I was just scared that what I’m feeling might be contraction even though a contraction is not only felt on one side! My daughter was caring for me and we both watch cartoon and fell asleep at some point. She slept for about an hour and a half and I think I only slept about 10 minutes as the pain didn’t let me.
During my laying on the couch my twitter ladies were keeping me company with nice words that help me not get into a panic.

Thank you Emma Raphael, MsXpat,Chez mummy,Alison Pike,Kelly Wiffin! And for all the nice words that I receive after too!
Three hours after the pain started at around 1.30 I gave up and called the delivery suite for advice. They told me the best thing was to go in as they could hear in my voice that I was in real pain. I was also advised to take a paracetamol as ts completely safe.
Now all I had to do is to wait for my husband to get home from his course to take me to the hospital.
When hubby got home he looked so concerned. He told me off for not calling the ambulance as when he got home I was crying.
We drove to St. George’s Hospital and the speed bumps were making my belly hurt even more. My hubby reassurance was helping though.
20 minutes after our arrival to he delivery suite we were seen by the midwife who was really nice I should say. She could see I was in pain and not faking it! LOL! She was also concerned that it might be a pattern in my severe pain.
Baby was so active that when she checked for the heart beat she got picked a couple of times! That make her chuckle too!
The doctor came to check me too and all was well. Cervix closed which was the best news for me at that point.
She prescribed some stronger painkillers called Co-Dydramol and reassured me thatched pain can just be a pulled ligament and it gets worse every now and then because the baby is been moving so much.
She said that it could also be a kidney stone but for that I will have to see my GP and the GP will send me for a scan. She also said though that this is unlikely.
Also trapped gas might give pains like that.
We left happy that the baby was not in danger.
I was still in pain and I continued to be in pain until 1 o’clock in the morning.
Since then I was able to sleep, move and enjoy without bringing pain. The pain returned every now and then but not as strong!
Maybe it helps the fact that the baby didn’t move that much today.
But I did feel the baby moving though. Now I’m not going to think too much about that as I would get worried.
As I’m writing this I’m drinking water with ice to y and make baby more active.
I so hope this pregnancy will go well for now on. For some of you it might not sound serious what I had yesterday but for me was very worrying.
Let’s just hope for everything to be good and well!

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