Things and change

This last week was tiring and just a bit too much to to handle…

 I feel exhausted.

 I know that I feel so exhausted because I am pregnant and it’s something normal. I don’t remember feeling so exhausted last time when I was pregnant with my daughter though.

This whole pregnancy is so much different then my first one! I can’t believe that I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant.

Half way through my pregnancy…

 In 20 weeks time i will be holding my new baby in my arms and my daughter will have a sibling to be proud of. Hopefully.
These first 20 weeks went really fast and because now I can actually feel my baby moving I’m totally “convinced” that I am pregnant. Before I was too scared of anything happening to be too happy about the pregnancy.
I still worry about the future and the prospect of moving back to my home country and be away from my husband. I guess we do have to make sacrifices in life and spending time away from each other will be a small sacrifice for a happier future.
I am loving my life in England even if sometimes it just gets too much.
We decided before we had our daughter that it is important for her to grow up close to family and in a small town.
Nobody and nothing can guarantee that our life in my hometown will be what we want but without trying there is no way we will know if it’s not.
We know the opportunities for life and our kids will not be as great but at least they will grow up knowing my parents, my sister and extended family better.
But for now I will just try and enjoy my pregnancy as it is right now even though the tiredness really affects me at the moment.
Let’s hope all will go well and i will be able to accept the change.

How do you deal with change? Do you fight the change like me?
I could really use some tips if you have them.

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  • MrsB

    Have you had your iron levels checked? Just a thought…
    Don’t fret about the move too much, take one day at a time and then again just one day at a time 🙂

  • Liska

    I know having spoken to you at Brit Mums Live, you are deep down quite certain about this move, so go with what you know is right.
    That old addage “feel the fear and do it anyway”.
    I hope you will be okay and I will say a few prayers for you.
    Lots of love honey,
    Liska x

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