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I discovered David Bowie’s music when i met my husband. I mean i knew who he was but never listened enough to actually like the music he was singing. Because of my hubby i fell in love of some of ¬†Bowie’s songs.
Song “Kooks” is one of them. I hold it dear in my heart. I used to listen to this song a lot when i was pregnant with my daughter. It uses to relax me…Then after she was born i used to put it on because she was relaxing or stop crying.
Do you know the song? If you don’t listen to it it’s not like his other songs:

Do you have such a song? If you do why not share and i will listen them for you.

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  • The Voice From The Abyss

    This song was written by Bowie when his, then, wife Angie was pregnant with their son Zoe (Film director Duncan Jones, ‘Moon’ and ‘Source Code’) It was meant as a message to Zoe, if you listen to the lyrics you will understand. :o)

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