Boogie is growing

Morning 7.50 am – preparing to leave the house to walk boogie to nursery.
Boogie at the door: Mum! Mummy! Come on I’m waiting for you!
Mummy(drinking her last mouth of coffee): Hold on I’m coming…
Boogie:Come on! I want to show my friends my hair!
Mummy:Ok let’s go!
Boogie:Oh mummy you are always late!
;Hm…I guess she learned that from somewhere)
Now going down on the stair boogie with her Minnie doll in arms.
Boogie:I’m holding Minnie in my arms because I don’t have a baby in my tummy so I can.
Mummy: Yes sweetheart that’s right you are too little.
Boogie: But you can’t hold me mummy cause I’m too heavy and have my sister in your tummy(we don’t know what we are having yet but she really wants a sister). But daddy can’t have a baby in his tummy cause he’s a boy.
Mummy: Yes sweetheart that’s right.
Boogie: Only girls can have babies mummy you know…
Mummy: I know sweetheart and when you will grow up if you choose so you can have babies too.
Coming out of the building boogie goes on.
Boogie: But mummy when I was big I had babies too!
Mummy: Did you?( and deciding to go on with it) How many babies sweetheart?
Boogie: Six! Many babies!
Mummy(having no idea what to say): Well done sweetheart!
Continue walking and…
Boogie: Mummy but when I’m growing up?
Mummy: All the time sweetheart. As the days and months are passing you are growing bigger and older(my statement make me sad ).
Boogie: Wow mummy! Look at me! I’m going to jump to grow faster up to the sky!
Mummy: Well done sweetheart.

Boogie is only 3 years old but she understand a few things about life.
I’m sad she’s growing up so fast but happy to have such a thriving smart and beautiful little girl!

I love you lots my little angel!

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