Constipation problems?!?

We all know what constipation is don’t we? I never thought that it will affect my daughter from such a young age though.
Until about a couple of months ago we thought that we sorted out potty training. She was using the problem for both number 1 and number 2 without problems. Every now and then she would have an accident or two or maybe even have problems when she was trying to poo poo. But every time that happen we just made sure we feed her better or no starchy foods so that we will make the whole thing a bit easier,
She is still wearing nappies during the night. I’m not sure if it’s late or not for a 3 years old but we were just not prepared for the night waking.
But then she started being dryer during the night so we decided to put her in a bed and give a try undies during the night too…
Unfortunately this is when she started to stop herself to poop too.
At first we thought she we constipated. But then I decided to speak to her and ask her if she makes poo poo at nursery. She said that kids at nursery only make wee wee and poo poo hurts and it’s disgusting….
I told one of her teachers and she had no idea where the idea came why my daughter thinks like tis. Her teacher even start telling her that she makes poo poo at nursery too. I know! Funny!

My little boogie doesn’t have any problems on making wee wee on the toilet and she doesn’t have any accidents either so I really don’t know how to solve this.
Now she started dirtying her underwear during the day as well….We still ask her to go on the toilet but she never stays long enough. She just makes wee wee. We always ask if she needs to poo poo and she says no. ­čÖü As soon as she gets up and start playing though…she will definitely try poop. Sometimes is just a little bit sometimes it’s more… We always keep an eye on her and if we notice that she is pooping we ask her to go to the toilet. We even offer to sit with her in the bathroom. She either starts screaming or crying or both. We try as much as we can not to make a big deal out of it but it’s hard and frustrating…
These days we always end up cleaning or washing her bum and replacing her underwear. Sometimes I feel like its better to just go back to nappies but I really don’t like that solution.
We just don’t know what to do anymore…we are just lost:(
If you have any advice it will be greatly appreciated. I looked for information online but I would prefer your thoughts rather the ones from google.
I really hope that this problem will get solved or will find a way to convince our daughter to use the toilet for poo poo too before our baby number two will be born.

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  • Laura - Chez Mummy

    Don’t worry, Constipation is common in children. It might be that your little girl is trying to hold in her poo because it might hurt a bit when it comes out. This could certainly be the case if it tends to be large and hard. Don’t be afraid to take her to the doctor about it. There are healthcare guidelines on diagnosing and treating constipation in children and your GP will be able to prescribe some laxative medicine that will make it easier for your daughter to go. I hope that’s useful. I can dig out a link to the healthcare guidelines if you think it might be useful

    • otilia stocks

      She was on laxatives before when she was younger….but I am just not sure constipation is the main reason…I mean I don’t know…I feel really lost…tonight for example when she went in her underwear it wnt even hard….sorry TBH ­čÖü

    • Laura - Chez Mummy

      We’ve been doing a reward chart with Sophia, praising her when she does a poo in her potty and giving her a sticker. Each time she finishes a line she gets a small treat (like some sweets or a jigsaw) and when she gets enough stickers to finish the whole chart she gets a big treat (like a trip to her favourite waterpark). I’d say it is helping, Sophia wants to do her business on the potty or toilet because she knows she’ll get a reward. You might already be trying something like this though


    I would say don’t put her back in nappies. She may just be picking up on the fact that you’re struggling with the pregnancy to some extent and the changes that are afoot are unsettling her. Perhaps drinking some apple or orange juice every day may help – or snacking on dried apricots. And then big praise and enthusiasm when she does poo in the toilet. When she doesn’t, just tidy up and don’t make a fuss… Hope that helps x

    • otilia stocks

      Thank you hon. Talking to her helped in the end. Tonight she done a number 2 on the toilet and now I can say for sure is not constipation. I think she just doesn’t like the actual act of it.
      I think for now we will just need to trust and be patient.

  • oana79

    Constipation. We struggled too and Emma went through a phase where she would dirty her pants. It’s leaking that occurs normally in severely constipated children. She doesn’t want to go to the toilet/potty because she’s started to associate pooping with pain. Remedies:
    1. porridge every morning. Don’t bother boiling it, just normal porridge, warm milk and a bit of chocolate powder, to encourage her to eat.
    2. soup, soup and more soup. Romanian is the best as it has loads of veggies and helps with bowl movement.
    3. fruit.Melon helps a lot as do strawberries,peaches…etc. Don’t give her any bananas, boiled egg, toast as it makes matters worse.
    4. water. as much as she can drink.
    5. if nothing works get your mum to send you kiddies’ laxatives(pompite) from Romania. Emma hated them but they always oiled her rectum enough to be able to go. I wouldn’t recommend them as a long-term solution but as an extreme remedy(we did use them for a good few weeks ourselves in the winter).xx

    • otilia stocks

      My boogie hates porridge.:( i should probably try it again.
      Thank you for all your tips they are really helpful. I think if i was at home with her every day it will be a lot easier for me to control the way she goes to the toilet. At the moment i am not…but soon i will.
      Last night she was ok she sat on the toilet and she done. It wasn’t at all constipation like though…so…i think it’s more a fear of the actual act now. Thing is we need to make sure that she goes every day if possible so that she doesn’t stop herself and get constipated as a result.
      Thank you again for your tips though. I never used the pompite and the thought of them scares me a little…
      hope you are wellxxx

  • oana79

    Oh, the leaking I was talking about looks sometimes like diarrhoea, don’t be deceived and put her on boiled rice or anything! It’s just that a blockage occurs close to the rectum and can’t come out. The leaking is whatever manages to pass by that. And this is very uncomfortable and painful, I remember Emma crying in pain many times when trying to go. Don’t go back to nappies, makes things worse as sitting on a toilet encourages them to go whereas nappies don’t.xx

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