I hate my legs!

Yes I do! And there are many reasons I hate my legs for! Do you want to know?
If you don’t want to know I guess I will just have to take it out of my system and tell you anyway! First of all they are big! From my toes and up to my tights! They even make my bum look bigger than it is even though my is not that small either!
I’m not going to show you any pictures but I will tell you why they are so wrong!
For some some reason every summer passing they are bothering more and more.
This summer probably even more than others because I’m pregnant too and they feel a lot more heavier than usual. During the winter my legs are a lot easier to cover!

Anyway I hate my legs because:

– I have big toes! I mean my big toes are really big!

– because i have lots of scars from the furunculosis i had when i was a teenager( although most of them are on my bum);

– my ankles are so thick that is difficult to find sandals and boots to fit in normal shops;

– and what makes even more difficult to buy and wear boots;

– I have very bad varicose veins which are now even worse because I’m pregnant;

– thick knees that have signs from falling since I was a kid; they hurt badly when the weather is changing because I have rheumatism in them!

– at the back of my knees my varicose veins are even worse and I have a couple of stretch marks too!

– as I’m going up to my tights there are so many words I can describe how bad they are: flabby, full of cellulite and stretch marks, brown marks between them as they touch each other when I’m walking. Without anti-chaffing Lanacane I will die during the summer!

I think that’s enough reasons don’t you think?
Do you hate your legs or any other part of your body?

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  • Dee

    Say no more, since I was in highschool, all my girlfriends had ankle bracelets, but none of those ever fitted me, let’s not even go to knee high boots, can,t zip them up! :))
    I have stretch marks on the back of my knees too, and up my inner and outer thighs too. Let’s make a pact and just ignore them… ok? After my first pregnancy after i lost some weight, they have dimminished, so i have some hope for the future… stii cum se zice? speranta moare ultima, nu?
    Sorry about the spelling…

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