I’m a workaholic

As you know last week I had been signed off work by my doctor. The abdominal pains that I had were stopping me from not only enjoying the pregnancy but from going to work and doing any effort what so ever. So..last week I stayed 4 days at home in bed. The only time I went out was to take my daughter to nursery in the morning. I wished I could’ve kept her at home with me but as we are paying for it full time and as I couldn’t really entertain her or be there for her taking her to nursery was the best thing.
She wanted to go anyway like she said last week “I want to play with my friends”.
I really enjoyed the late mornings with my daughter and not having to rush put of the door to drop her at nursery and then make my way to work.
But I did miss something as well! Do you know what I missed?
I missed going into work! Yes! I’m not kidding! Probably some of you will say that I’m foolish and I should’ve just enjoyed my time relaxing. Thing is I don’t know how to relax and after a while spending your time at home I front of the TV and laying in bed not starts to get boring. I wasn’t allowed to do any house working from my doctor and from hubby. He would tell me off if I do anything! Relaxing is hard thing for me! LOL!
Am I nuts? In a couple of months our new baby will arrive – hopefully safe and sound – and I will probably regret that I just didn’t take my time and relax.
But like my hubby says: “I’m a workaholic!”
And even though I was signed off for two weeks by my doctor I only stayed home 4 working days.
I promised myself and my husband that I will not push myself though. If one day I will not be up to travelling to work I will stay home and rest.
I have to tell you the truth about today though…It wasn’t easy to get to work. The tube and bus were busy and I had to demand a seat. I could feel pain in my belly although not nearly as bad as last week but it teach me that I have to take it slowly. I’m 23 weeks pregnant at the moment so moving for me will get more and more difficult.
I’m not the slimmest or the lightest woman out there so it’s expected for me to have problems during pregnancy. For now I will go to work as I can and stay at home when I can’t. Thing is I know now for sure that I’m the kind of girl who needs work,people and challenges in her life! I’m a little bit geeky in my own way and probably a bit obsessed with doing well in my job!
But that’s not bad is it?

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  • Older Mum

    Oh gosh! Hope you are okay, From every thing you’ve said so far, this pregnancy is challenging to say the least. Understandable that you miss work when it forms part of your routine. Hope you are feeling okay, and can feel the effects of having some rest!

    • otilia stocks

      i am ok hon. is just…i don’t know i was just hoping my pregnancy will be a lot better. I was really looking forward to enjoy it rather than complain all the time ::( oh well i guess if it’s meant to be its meant to be like this so have no choice really and just hope for the better 🙂

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