More waiting…

So at the moment I’m waiting. I’m waiting for the pain to go away even though I very much doubt it will.
I talked to the scanning department today and they said they can’t offer me n appointment until the 3rd of September! Can you believe that? The scan is to discover if I have a kidney stone or fibrosis so I took the appointment as I really need to know!
I guess for now I will have to wait and see what’s happening. Hopefully is just rest I need like my GP and he obstetrician on Saturday said.

I’m to sure how to relax though. If I’m not taking the Co-Dydramol then my pain is excruciating. The medicine doesn’t take the pain away though.
I’m happy my baby is moving and that I don’t have contractions. That means its all fine. As far as I’m concerned I’m going to try and make sure that nothing I will do will hurt my baby.
So here it is. I will be at home for now as the doctor prescribed.
Hopefully the next time I will write about the pregnancy all will be fine.

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