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As you know i am pregnant and not up to a lot of things this summer. Last summer we went camping quite a lot and my daughter loved it. However this summer we had to restrict our outings and find ways to save money in any way possible. In about 3 months our new baby will arrive hopefully well and healthy. It’s actually easier then i thought to have fun in London without spending lots of money.

With the help of Morrisons and Sarah Willingham i learned and remembered how to cook and have fun without spending lots of money.

If you have want to learn why not check out Morrisons Savers Summer page for lots of recipes for picnics and tips for days in and days out from the money saving expert Sarah Willingham.

Sarah is a lovely lady and i met her not long ago at the Morrisons cooking event.

The direct link to her tips is this.

Going to the park with boxes of food prepared at home it is a lot cheaper then eating out at the cafe. Get a blanket and a ball and a couple of books and your child will enjoy being in the middle of nature and playing with you. It’s summer so why not just avoid the play centres for which you need to pay money and the food and drink is so expensive? Go back to nature! It’s nicer , healthier and cheaper.

Choose from the picnic recipes that Morrisons is sharing with you on their website. Believe me everything cooked by you it is a lot healthier and cleaner than anything you can buy your children from any restaurant or shop. I found that my daughter is a lot hungrier when we have a picnic. I think that maybe is the air?

We also shopped at Morrisons last weekend and for only £45 we managed to make our weekly shopping and not only. We bought meat, baked beans, eggs, chopped tomatoes, pastas and even non alcoholic sparkling wine. What it help keeping the cost down was buys a lot of the M Savers range and we were reminded once again that cheap can be tasty too.

I even tried some of the recipes that you can also find on Morrisons website. With my directions my hubby cooked burgers and chicken so watch this space for recipes and pictures.

My hubby took a couple of pictures and i am sharing them with you:

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