Pregnancy diary – week 24

24 +2 weeks today. I can’t believe it! Next week I will start my 3rd trimester and starting this week if anything happens then my baby has the legal right to be resuscitated. I know I should not think about it like this but with things happening in this pregnancy I feel a little better because of it.
I don’t have any recent pictures with me pregnant but believe me when I say I started to look more like a pregnant woman rather than just a fatty one. I mean I’m still fat. I was fat when I got pregnant but I did take new proportions since then. I’m only 24 weeks pregnant and I already put on almost a stone on. Sad:( oh well I just hope I will manage to lose the weight after fast or not fast…
Anyway here is what’s been happening in the last week:
– even though the doctor gave me a two week free off work to rest I went back to work;
– my belly is not hurting so much anymore and I just know that I need to take care more of myself and put my feet up even though the dishes are dirty in the sink or the carper needs vacuuming;
– last week I met my midwife on mental health issues and wrote about it in A bit of sunshine post…I’m still waiting for the letter to arrive though;
– I so feel like a balloon starting in the afternoon and my feet feel like stones – hubby gives me a foot massage every night so it is nice;
– I am a bit worried about my urine test today – traces of blood and proteins – but because my GP isn’t too worried I’m trying not to be very worried either;
– I have problems shaving my “you know areas” as the belly is now a bit in the way – I think i will soon have to ask hubby to do it for me;
– it’s also harder to strap on my shoes so most of the time I just use my flip flops;
– my boobs are so much bigger and damn they hurt!
– baby is moving like mad stil and with every kick i feel happier;
– every now and then I feel like…I don’t even know how to explain it…lots of emotions attack me…sadness,anxiety…and I’m just crying…sometimes like tonight I just sit down and cry for a couple of minutes and then everything is a little bit better;

This is it for now though…I’m just hoping all will go well.

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