Daddy cooks with M Savers

My hubby is not the best cook in the world but he can do quite good sometimes.
He makes the best steak and potato pie!
After we shopped at Morrisons he decided that he should also give the MSavers recipes a chance. Also he really enjoy eating the Meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti that i cooked thank to the recipes on Morrisons website.So last week he decided to make burgers. This is not a MSavers recipe but the ingredients he used were from the MSavers range and he used the method shown on Morrisons website.

My husband used the beef and pork mice that i used for the meatballs but of course you can use only beef. Here is how he prepare them:

As you can see he make small burgers and big burgers too. We didn’t eat as the recipe directed on the website as we all like different kinds of salads and plus we are trying to eat as little bread as possible.
Daddy added some chopped chili in his burgers too but of course boogie and mummy are not able to eat chili so he keep them out of our burgers.
I think he done quite a good job!
He actually cooked different dishes every evening using the MSavers recipes as guidance.
Another evening he cooked the vegetable pasta bake. Even my daughter licked her fingers although she says she doesn’t like the vegetables at the moment.
Unfortunately daddy didn’t take any pictures with the pasta bake as he didn’t know that mummy wants to post about his culinary advent. LOL!
This week he done the shopping by himself again and apparently he knows exactly what he is going to cook next week.
I am quite happy to see him so excited about cooking because this means that when i comeback exhausted from work i don’t need to think at what i am going to cook! I hope this will last until i am going to start my maternity leave though!
So ladies if you want to get your partners into cooking why not check the M Savers recipes?
You can even download and print the book if you wish for free!

The summer is almost over but if you are from Huddersfield you can still participate to the Morrisons event! Here are the details!

8th & 9th September
Macaulay Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2JY

I didn’t get the chance to participate but i was really jealous when i saw the pictures from previous events:


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