Hope for my kids

I guess every parent out there thinks that their kids are the best. And why not? It’s better than the alternative… My parents never show me how happy they were with me while I was growing up. They always wanted more from me. They always told me that I need it to do better to be happier. I don’t ever remember them saying “Well done my child”. The memories make feel sad. I know how wrong they were…and that’s why even before I had kids I decided that I will not be like them. I decided that I will devote my kids my all and that I will do everything in my power to make make them happy. Now that doesn’t mean that I will just spoil and not educate. I want my kids to grow up knowing that I love them. That’s why I tell my daughter every day how much I do. She tells me how much she loves me back. Now I know that she will not grow up confident and never be afraid to express her love. I want my kids to grow up confident in their own abilities. That’s why I show my daughter how to do things by herself. I started that from a very young age. I want my kids to grow up knowing that I’m proud of them. That’s why every time my daughter does something I’m proud of I tell her. She is happy when I tell her how happy I am of her. I want my kids to grow up not being afraid to share their failings. That’s why I never look disappointed when my daughter fails at something. I hug her and tell her she will just need to try harder next time. I am hoping that my kids will grow up to be more confident an more proud of themselves than I am. I am hoping that my kids will be kind and loving with the ones around them. I am hoping my kids will be good people and that they will teach their kids to be the same.

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