Magic Belles – an app for little lovers of music!

Magic Belles! Magic Music!
A new app is out from Luma Creative.
The app is now available for all iOs devices – iPhone, iPod and iPad for only £1.49 from the App Store:Magic Belles
The app is just too cute not to buy it for your little ones. Check the below picture only.

The app was created to introduce children to the world of music.
Magic Belles: Magic Music features seven vibrant mini games to entertain girls between the ages of 3 – 6.
I know it’s meant for girls but I am sure boys will like it too.
It’s just nice for children to create little sounds with this little app my daughter loves it.
I think she was born with the sense of music in her veins.
The Magic Belles are six magical, musical fairies who look after life’s special wonders – from colourful rainbows to beautiful flowers. Each Magic Belle has her own unique jingle and, when they come together, they make a magical, musical symphony. Each of the themed mini games follows the adventures of one of the Magic Belles, and comes packed with rich interactivity, hidden treasures, bright colours and amazing sounds to keep little fingers and minds fully occupied.
My daughter’s favourite one is the brunette fairy – Star Belle – the dot to dot game. She can create hearts, cupcakes and butterflies.
The colours of the apps are vibrant and bright so your daughters will not get bored I promise. My daughter loves music it’s true and the sounds of the app are really simple and nice. I
Here is what Maxine Stinton, Co-Founder of Luma Creative says about the app:
“As parents of young children ourselves, we know how keen other parents are to discover quality content. Whether it’s joining up melodic numbers with Star Belle, watering magical flowers with Flower Belle or creating musical rainbows with Rainbow Belle, I’m sure that the enchanting new world of Magic Belles: Magic Music will continue to surprise and delight all children who fall under its spell!”
Point is my daughter and I love this app. You just need to give it a try and you and your children would love it too!
You can keep in touch with the world of Magic Belles at:
Twitter: @magicbelles

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