Pregnancy diary – 27 weeks

Today I am starting my 28th week of pregnancy but I am actually exactly 27 weeks today. I feel….tired. But that’s no surprise is it?!? I’m on my 3rd trimester so it’s understandable. I don’t really remember the first time to be as tired as i am now though…Well last time I was firstly younger and then I didn’t have a toddler to look after either. Plus my hubby used to drive to and from work every day last time starting the 3rd trimester. But now we both moved jibes in the centre so that’s not possible anymore…I wish it was though….
By the end of the day my legs are really swollen and feel heavy and hurt like mad! I fall asleep two out of five days on the way home too….
Last week I had two of my important appointments two:

-my perinatal appointments
-my glucose test
None of them was as expected or nice.
The lady I met at my perinatal appointment was nice but her questions were too direct and cold in my opinion. She confirm to me that she thinks that I’m still suffering of depression. However she can’t offer me lots of help because they are short of staff in that department….hm…
She told me that my option will be to go on pills…which I refused…or access the GP’s mental health service…Thing is I already done that and the mental service at my doctor is not great. First of all the psychologist is a guy…and I just didn’t click with him last time so if i cannot talk about my feelings then what will be the point.
In the end she offer me another appointment with her on the 9th of October. I know it’s a long time until then….but she can’t see me earlier then that because they are really busy. She even send me to A&E though which I found odd….well she did to go if I feel low and so on….What would I tell them though? Hey I need to talk?!?
For my glucose test…argh…I forgot about it and I had to run literally to be there in like a half an hour with a toddler because it was too early to leave my daughter to nursery. Oh….in times like this I wish I had family around! But I don’t! We got there in time though but then after the nurse took my blood I had to wait another two hours in the hospital for the nurse to take some more blood from me. During the waiting time me and my daughter had fun though….it was quite good to spent some quality time together,
The nurse that took my blood was not very good though:( she “stab” me 3 times….
Here you can have a look at the state of my arms….

On another note…I’m sad that the summer it’s finished….sad that we didn’t managed to go camping at all this year but well…that’s life…
At the same time I’m quite excited that at the end of the autumn I will meet my new baby and I will be able to hold my new baby in my arms rather than my belly.
I like autumn anyway…the colour of the leaves and the fresh air…
Oh and at the end of this month will be my birthday too.
I’m turning 32.

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